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Hi there! My name is Sam Haines, and I’m currently an undergraduate student at Washington & Lee University. I’m dedicated to serving others and making the world a better place by leveraging my skills and interests for the greater good. I love finding problems and developing solutions. I’m also a passionate biker and hiker, and I love spending time outdoors.

Service-minded and solution-driven

Since I was young, I’ve always had a desire to help others. From simple tasks to more difficult ones, I always enjoyed stepping up to brighten someone else’s day and make their life easier. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve acquired a number of new skills — such as web design and development, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, and more — that have helped me to better serve others. I strive to learn and grow, not just to become a better person, but to serve others in the best way I can.

Web Development

At age 14, I began to learn how to develop websites and web apps. I have used this skill to develop several online tools to improve the lives of those around me, including Classly — an online platform for collaborative academic information sharing — and MyLeos — an online software designed to grow and support Lions Leo Clubs across the United States.


In seventh grade, I founded Computer Companions, the only business in the Lancaster, PA area designed specifically to help senior citizens with their technology. Computer Companions shook the market with unparalleled service, low prices, and a focus on instruction (instead of solely repair). The service became a mainstay for numerous local seniors.


Since beginning high school, I worked to improve and apply my leadership skills in a service-oriented way. I served as the President of my local Lions Leo Club as well as a Committee Chair in my high school’s Mini-THON charity. I helped to empower these organizations’ members to do their best work.

Experienced, but ready to learn

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain experience in a number of important fields, including customer service. Between my Computer Companions business and other part-time positions I have taken on, I’ve learned how to best serve customers. Of course, not every customer service interaction is positive, but I strive to ensure everyone leaves the interaction satisfied.

Customer Service

I’ve been working in the customer service industry since seventh grade as part of Computer Companions — my business that aims to help older individuals get comfortable with their technology. I’ve also taken jobs in the hospitality industry that have allowed me to hone this skill further.

Spanish Proficiency

As the world grows increasingly connected and more viewpoints become available, I believe it’s important to understand diverse cultures to gain an insight on how they may perceive or be affected by an issue. I’m proficient in the Spanish language, and I’ve taken Spanish culture classes and travelled to Spanish-speaking countries to better grasp their unique cultures.

For more information on my work experience, please take a look at my resumé.

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A track record of excellence

Every time I see a need, I strive to meet that need in the best way I can. Over the last several years, I’ve developed a number of custom solutions, both web-based and in-person, to help overcome these barriers.

Computer Companions

At just 12 years old, I founded my area’s only business dedicated to helping seniors with technology: Computer Companions. The business proved very successful; not only did it generate profit, but it also touched the lives of dozens of local seniors who, without the service, may have become disconnected from our increasingly digital world.


While working as a volunteer for my local Lions Leo Club, I noticed that significant portions of time were spent on clerical and administrative work, and communication issues led to decreased volunteer involvement. I designed the MyLeos software to reduce the time spent on clerical tasks, improve communication, and amplify the impact of service.


I was lucky enough to have truly amazing high school teachers who went out of their way to create an enriching learning environment. But, I believe students can gain a deeper understanding of content when they work with it themselves. Classly allows learners to share course information, study tools, and more online in a productive, student-run environment.

For details on these projects and more, visit my portfolio.

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I’m here if you need anything

If you’re interested in learning more about me, or if you know of an issue you think I might be able to solve, I’d love to hear from you.

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