Samuel Haines

Hello, I’m
Sam Haines.

I’m an economics research assistant.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi there! My name is Sam Haines, and I’m currently a third-year undergraduate student of Economics and Sociology at Washington & Lee University. I’m dedicated to serving others and making the world a better place by leveraging my skills and interests for the greater good. I love finding problems and developing solutions. I’m also a passionate biker and hiker, and I love spending time outdoors.

Motivated to go the extra mile

Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed stepping up to brighten learn useful skills and insights about the world and apply what I learned in meaningful ways. Throughout my academic career, I’ve acquired a number of new skills — such as data analysis, programming, teamwork, and more — that I have consistently utilized in useful and innovative applications.

Data Analysis

In my classes and my capacities as Econometrics TA and Economics RA, I have become very comfortable with Stata for rich and interdisciplinary data analysis. I have also begun learning R and Python, and I possess a beginner understanding of SQL. All of these tools allow me to perform data cleaning, description, and analysis in an effective and efficient way.


At age 14, I began to learn how to develop websites and web apps with HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. In high school, I used this skill to develop several online tools, including Classly — an online platform for collaborative academic information sharing — and MyLeos — an online software designed to grow and support Lions Leo Clubs across the United States. Since then, I have continued growing these skills in my spare time and applying them across a host of websites, including this one.


As an Econometrics TA, I work closely with students and professors alike to carry out our missing of supporting the class’ pedagogical aims. I work alongside two other TAs who I am currently training to lead the mission after I graduate. I also serve on two committees at Washington and Lee: Mock Convention’s Pennsylvania Delegation and the White Book Review Committee. In both environments I have enjoyed offering my insights and allowing them to intersect with others’ to provide the best possible solutions.

I’m here if you need anything

If you’re interested in learning more about me, or if you know of an issue you think I might be able to solve, I’d love to hear from you.

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