Here’s what I’ve been working on.

Paper for “Health: A Social Science Exploration” (ECON 376)

The Cost of Vaccine Exemption: A Natural Experiment with Vaccine Exemption and Pertussis Incidence

Authors: Sam F. Haines and Josh Darrow | Work in Progress

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Faculty Research

The Gravity of Homicide: Interpersonal Violence and International Trade

Authors: Michael Anderson (Washington and Lee University) and Stephen Smith (Hope College) | Work in Progress

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Sociology Capstone Paper

Are Diverse Societies More Prosocial? Explaining Inter-Society Variation in Altruism

Author: Sam F. Haines | Revised April 2024

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Labor Economics Policy Brief

Universal Basic Income: The Key to Ending Poverty and Enhancing Opportunity in the US

Author: Sam F. Haines | Revised November 2023

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Teaching Material

Econometrics Lab 0: Getting Started with Stata

Author: Sam F. Haines | Created June 2023

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Web App


Developer: Sam F. Haines | Created in 2020

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Computer Companions

Founder: Sam F. Haines | Created in 2015

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