Samuel Haines


I’m working for a better world.

Everyone in the world is unique — we all have our own skills and interests. It’s great when we use these for ourselves, but magic happens when we use these skills for the benefit of everyone. Throughout my life, I’ve worked to leverage my skills for the greater good.

Bridging gaps between generations and skill-levels.

As a child, I was my family’s go-to source for computer help, but I realized that there was need outside my family, too. From 2015-2021, I operated a small business that helped local seniors get to know and use their technology. I performed services ranging from basic instruction to product installation to PC repair. The company was tailored specifically to seniors with targeted messaging techniques, low prices, and in-home offerings, as well as a focus on instruction over repair. Computer Companions was the only business in its class in the area, and it remains one of only a few in the United States.

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Empowering volunteers and streamlining service.

As a longtime member of my local Lions Leo Club, I noticed that clerical work reduced time spent serving and communication issues negatively impacted volunteer turnout. I designed MyLeos from scratch to give volunteers more time to serve, make it easier to serve, and to improve the relationship between Leo Clubs and their parent Lions Clubs. MyLeos is currently in use in one Leo Club, and I’m working to expand it to more markets.

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Fostering connection for academic success.

In tenth grade, I developed the Classly concept of student-run websites with course information. I operated a prototype website in my AP World History class which received high regards from students and teachers alike. The site made it easier to access course resources that students may have missed, and it better prepared learners for exams. Due to a lack of resources, I was unable to launch the service more broadly.

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And this is only the beginning.

I’m proud of the work that I’ve done, but I know that there’s always more to do. I’m always looking for ways to improve the lives of those around me. If you know of an issue that you think I might be able to solve, or if you’d like to learn more about my work, feel free to reach out.

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